Information on installing solar panels on homes in Montgomery Village

Have you thought about putting solar panels on your roof? Did you know that there is a federal tax credit for doing so and that it will end on Friday, Dec. 31, 2021? The United States Government has a website to help you estimate results for solar panels on your home; visit

Before installing solar panels, remember to apply to the Architectural Standards Department; you can find the Property Improvement Request application and guidelines online at Hire a professional solar panel installer and look for solar panel contractors that offer a strong warranty. If you need to install a new roof along with your solar panels, be sure to apply for that as well.

Members of the Committee on Environment (COE) are collecting information from government agencies and consumer-friendly sources that will help residents in making decisions about installing solar panels on the roof of their houses. This information will be summarized and available to residents later, possibly by late Spring. This information will not make recommendations on specific brands or contractors and MVF’s architectural standards must be followed for approval and installation. The Architectural Review Board must approve your solar panel application before installation.

Send an e-mail to to ask questions about whether solar panels might be a good investment, or what to look for when choosing the solar panels or company to do the installation. Also, if you have solar panels already installed on your roof, the COE is interested in receiving emails from you about how you made that decision and what suggestions you have for anyone interested in installing solar panels on their roof.

If you have questions about an application for solar panels, reach out to the Architectural Standards Department for assistance. For more information or questions, call 301-948-0110, e-mail or visit

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