Photo sharpening techniques

The Montgomery Village Camera Club invites residents to join the discussion and demonstration of basic photo editing techniques. On Saturday, Feb.16, from 10 a.m. to noon in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road, participate in a discussion and tutorial on photo sharpening

All digital images require sharpening. When the camera produces the final image (JPEGs), it is the camera manufacturer who determines the amount of sharpening applied, regardless of subject. When you save images as "raw" files, the camera does not process the photo, providing the photographer much greater control over the final image—you need to provide the sharpening that the camera doesn't.

Topics to be covered at the meeting include demosaicing and deconvoluting images, as well as why, when and methods of sharpening photos. Michael Brown will demonstrate capture sharpening (pre-process), creative sharpening (for specific elements in an image) and output sharpening for print and for the web, using techniques in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop—the same techniques are available in most photo editing software.

This meeting and demonstration is free. No fee is required. For more information or questions, call Michael Brown 301-801-0866.

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