New members installed, service awards given at MVF Annual Meeting

by Mike Conroy

The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors held its annual meeting on Thursday, March 25 via video conference. During the meeting, newly elected members to the Board, Joseph Hooks and Susan Prince, and incumbent Pamela Bort, were installed for their 2021-2024 term. Outgoing directors Glenn Gargan and Jerome Leonard were thanked for their service to the Board and the community. Bort, Hooks and Prince were announced as the winning candidates after the March 20 ballot counting.

Board President Pete Webb opened the meeting with an address to the Village, reflecting on the highlights of 2020, noting that even though it was a unique year and posed many challenges, the MVF Board and staff were able to maintain many services to keep the community moving froward. He said that despite mandated closures, new operating procedures and many changing variables, MVF was still able to hold meetings, modified classes and camps, and even open the pools for the majority of the summer.

Webb was also impressed with the continued projects and amenity upgrades throughout the year, including the new Pickleball and Futsal courts at North Creek Community Center, playground replacements and progress on the North Creek Pool renovation.

He noted the development projects in the Village—Bloom MV, the Village Center and Lidl—did not slow down. Demolition, construction, new façades and new tenants and anchor stores were all signs of progress at each of these sites. Webb said it wouldn’t be long until these projects were complete and the Village would welcome many new residents.

Before closing and thanking the Board, staff and residents for their commitment to Montgomery Village during an unprecedented year, Webb commented on the continuing litigation with the condominiums. He was pleased to report that both the Circuit Court and the Court of Special Appeals had ruled in favor of MVF, and that the condominiums could not unilaterally withdraw from MVF. Webb was hopeful for the community that the case would conclude in 2021

MVF Chief Financial Officer Daniel Salazar reviewed the 2020 financials, following an unmodified opinion given in the 2020 MVF Audit by the audit firm DeLeon & Stang. Salazar noted that in addition to the unmodified opinion, the auditors gave favorable review of MVF’s internal control procedures and found no difficulties or material weaknesses.

Net Income was reported as $2,572,493, compared to a budget of $594,197, and Revenue was reported as $9,593,798 compared to a budget of $8,902,900; this was mainly due to favorable Investment Income return and employer payroll tax credits as a result of the FFCRA & CARES Acts. However, other revenue categories including camps/classes, Village News advertising and pool revenue were all unfavorable due to closures or other COVID-19 restrictions.

Salazar reported that expenses were all favorable to the budget totaling $7,021,178 compared to a budget of $8,308,703. Personnel costs benefitted from open positions and furloughs during the shutdown. Business expenses, landscape and maintenance and utilities were also lower due to COVID-19 restrictions and the inability to hold programs and events.

Contributions to Reserves were made according to the budget, totaling $1,303,807.

Salazar said that $1,099,874 was invested in MVF Assets, including the North Creek Pool renovation (in progress), asphalt repairs, the Futsal/Pickleball court installations, vehicle purchases and the Lake Marion Shoreline Stabilization project.

Salazar also noted that the Reserve Portfolio increased $652,331 since 2019. He added assessment delinquencies increased by only 1.5% over 2019, despite the challenging year; the assessment receivables balance had decreased $102,278 since 2014.

Finally, Salazar was pleased to report that the Balance Sheet showed MVF’s continued strong financial position, with over $11 million of MVF’s $21.2 million assets in Cash and Investments. Total Liabilities were reported at $1.3 million with $2.3 million in Undesignated Reserves.

During the meeting, the Board also honored several community members, organizations and staff members for their volunteer efforts, service to the community or years of dedicated employment.

Awards were presented to:

Community Service Awards

  • Laurie Wallace-Lanham for daily volunteer trash pickup
  • Building Leaders & Advancing the Community (BLAC) for volunteer service at MVF events
  • Officer Kimberly Jones/MCPD Community Services Team for participation in community events
  • Grace Rivera-Oven for organizing food distribution and COVID-19 testing in Montgomery Village
  • Ben Wikner/Cross Community Church for organizing food, clothing and health supply distribution for Village residents
  • Joe Hooks/480 Cares, Inc. for organizing food distribution in Montgomery Village
  • Robert “Bob” Schaefer for decades of coaching Village youth through the Montgomery Village Sports Association Lacrosse program
  • Audrey Primozic for 20-plus years of supporting the community through advertising and event sponsorship

Outgoing Board Members

  • Jerome Leonard
  • Robert Carey, Treasurer
  • Glenn Gargan

Staff Service Awards

  • Liana Roberts, Community Manager – 5 years
  • Amy Roswurm, Assistant Parks and Property Manager – 5 years
  • Christine Sharp, Architectural Compliance Specialist – 5 years
  • Mike Conroy, Assistant EVP – 15 years
  • Erika Hottinger, Architectural Standards Administrator – 15 years
  • Petra Padilla, Aquatics Manager – 15 years
  • Rolando Casteneda, Custodian – 20 years
  • Nicole Meads, Office Manager – 20 years
  • Scott Gole, Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks – 40 years

Employee Recognition Awards

  • Christine Sharp, Architectural Compliance Specialist
  • Amy Roswurm, Assistant Parks and Property Manager
  • Petra Padilla, Aquatics Manager
  • Jason Nicklow, Facilities and Aquatics Manager
  • Brendan Phelan, Assistant Facilities and Aquatics Manager
  • Hugo Garcia, Repair and Maintenance Specialist
  • Kimeshia Junkins, Program Manager
  • Mike Chambers, Parks and Facilities Assistant
  • Ron Schroers, Parks and Property Manager

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