What to know before you build or stain a fence

If you have been considering installing a fence on your property, it is important to refer to your community criteria to ensure that your fence design and color are compliant. Fences are an important architectural element that, when done right, can unify the design of a community, creating a harmonious aesthetic. To achieve this, each community in Montgomery Village has a specific set of architectural criteria with details on the style(s) and color(s) that must be used when installing a fence. Each community’s criteria are available online when you log in to your resident dashboard, or you can contact the Architectural Standards Department at 240-243-2364.

If your community criteria doesn’t specify a color for fences, you can choose a stain color for your fence, or you can apply a clear preservative, which will protect the wood while allowing it to weather to a natural gray color. Before you apply any tint or stain to your fence, you must submit an application, which can be done online at www.montgomeryvillage.com/pir. Choosing a stain color for the fence can also be very tricky due to the variety of colors available. The Architectural Standards Department staff can also assist you in selecting a color from your preferred manufacturer that is on the spectrum of acceptable colors for Montgomery Village. Keep in mind when choosing a stain color, that no red or orange pigment preservatives/stains are allowed.

Due to Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services requirements, fences will no longer be allowed to be built on property lines, and must be built completely on one homeowner’s property. Montgomery Village Foundation requires that fences be built 1- to 6-inches inside the property line to ensure both compliance with county regulations and a uniform appearance in the community. This applies to fences built along the rear property line neighboring with community property, as well as fences built along property lines that border other homes. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that their fence is built entirely on their property and that all county permits are obtained prior to installation of the fence.

All fence applications will be reviewed on an individual basis and all homeowners must submit an application prior to building a new or replacement fence, or applying a stain to an existing fence. This application can be picked up at the MVF Office, 10120 Apple Ridge Road, or can be found online at www.montgomeryvillage.com/pir.

As always, if you have any questions about a fence or any other external modification you would like to make to your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Architectural Standards Department at 240-243-2364 – we are here to help!

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