Lake Marion shoreline stabilization project update

The Lake Marion shoreline stabilization is nearly complete. Ecotone, Inc. was the environmental engineering company that MVF contracted with to design and construct the lake bank stabilization measures at several areas around the lake where there was severe erosion.

The grass areas that were impacted by the construction have been seeded and strawed. The lake level, which had been lowered to accommodate the construction, is now back to normal.

Ecotone will be installing small trees and shrubs at the construction areas according to the planting plan soon. Near the lake edge, 117 12- to 18-inch rooted shrubs will be planted to grow and help stabilize the lake banks. In addition, several 5- to 6-foot trees will be planted up from the lake edge at the stabilized areas.

Once the shoreline areas have been planted, MVF will put up temporary fencing to keep pedestrian traffic from these areas to allow them to grow back in.

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