Letters to the Editor - Ralph Colling


The current MVF President has become the image of Montgomery Village. His picture on the cover of most Village News issues, and always on his President’s Message. His personal approach is refreshing: plus, consistently praising volunteers as the secret ingredient of the Village.

The final message in last month’s issue gave recognition to Girl Scout cookies and Village residents serving on boards and committees. Interestingly, he thanked HOA Boards (10 in the Village) but, no mention of Condominium Boards (11 in the Village). Hopefully this was an oversight and not intentional. However, I assume the articles are reviewed and proofed by EVP-MVF staff.

Condos are a source of funds for MVF although they don’t receive many of the services which are given HOA’s. Condos are all located in the southern end of the Village, furthest away from most of the MVF parks and playgrounds. Condos have their own clubhouses, security, playgrounds, walking paths, tennis courts, pools and architectural controls. Their boards are constantly dealing with maintenance and social issues. From roof leaks to sewage backups; from hoarders and noisy neighbors smoking to invasions or rodents and roaches.

This past year, Condo boards did receive three letters from our MVF Board President. Two went to 1,000 condo owners criticizing their board members. In the other letter, Condo boards were reminded of their responsibility to pay the MVF’s fees for their homeowners, even though Condominium Associations do not own any property. MVF bills HOA homeowners direct.

Ralph Colling
North Village

EVP’s Response

MVF has members from apartments, condominium associations and homeowners associations, and provides facilities, programs and services to all members, regardless of where they live. Each pays a different assessment amount based on the MVF governing documents, but their opinions and feedback carry equal weight before the MVF Board. Our meetings are open to all members and others.

The MVF Board recognizes the important work that the individual condominium boards and homeowner associations boards perform to manage their communities.

Finally, there is a legal dispute between MVF and three condominiums in Montgomery Village which will hopefully be completely resolved as soon as possible.

Dave Humpton, EVP

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