Letter to the Editor - Robert Portanova


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a Stedwick resident who is exactly what being a good resident means.

I often see her walking the loop around the Stedwick community from the post office all the way back around Stedwick Road and Watkins Mill Road, and finally back to her starting point. She carries a bucket and a trash picker. She does not miss one piece of trash. She does this every day, picking up beer bottles, wine bottles, vodka bottles, plastic water bottles, cups, McDonalds bags, plastic bags and on and on.

In her free time, she does what it takes to keep Stedwick clean. We need 1,000 more people like her - this would then be a nice place to live. Unfortunately, as she told me, "I'll make the rounds in the morning and by late afternoon, the trash has already accumulated." So, she will then make another trip around.

As I've stated numerous times directly to our Stedwick HOA, I could never understand why MVF trucks, which drive up and down these roads every day, could not have been performing this service to residents. Fortunately, we have caring residents.

Thank you for your efforts to help maintain our community.

Robert Portanova

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