EVP announces retirement; Board to begin executive search

by Mike Conroy

At the September 22 Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors meeting, current Executive Vice President (EVP) David Humpton announced his retirement, effective Friday, March 31, 2023. Humpton has served as EVP for the last 15 years. The Board approved President Scott Dyer to execute a contract with the national firm Baker Tilly, in the amount of $26,950, to aid in the executive search process.

In his resignation letter, he writes: “I have enjoyed working for MVF and believe we have accomplished much during my tenure…During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with MVF’s talented staff who has always worked as a team to provide important services and maintain and operate diverse facilities all to benefit residents of Montgomery Village. I was also very fortunate to work with many MVF Board members, committees, community association leaders, government leaders and residents to make Montgomery Village a better place to live. I am most proud of bringing community stakeholders together to envision the future of Montgomery Village and develop strategic plans to enhance our pools, parks, playgrounds, environment, housing stock and commercial areas. The organization’s financial health is stronger than ever and MVF’s 5 Year Financial Plan will help guide the next EVP and future MVF Board members.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.”

Under recommendation of the MVF Personnel Committee, the Board will hire Tysons, Virginia-based national executive search firm Baker Tilly to seek out Humpton’s replacement. Baker Tilly has proven its recruiting power by finding CEOs, General Managers, Executive Directors and other senior management professionals across the country; a close comparison is their successful campaign for a new President/CEO of Columbia Association in 2021. The entire search process is expected to last between 100 and 120 days and will involve working with the Personnel Committee and MVF Board on a candidate profile, identifying candidates, conducting multiple interviews, hosting visits to the community and assisting in the final offer to the most qualified candidate.

After a final offer is accepted, the newly-named EVP will work with Humpton on a transition plan through his final day with the organization.

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