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Spring into summer in Stedwick

by the Stedwick Board of Directors

While spring is in full bloom in Stedwick, it seems as though we are quickly moving toward summer given some of the warmer days we have had to date. New trees are being planted throughout Stedwick to increase our tree canopy, as well as celebrate the arrival of a new season. The board appreciates the actions by the residents and homeowners to spruce up their individual residences and yards. It contributes a great deal toward the engaging and lovely area where we live.

While we may all be ready to spend time outside, and with family and with friends, please be mindful that the pandemic isn’t over. While the number of residents who are vaccinated is growing on a daily basis, not everyone is vaccinated and not everyone will opt for the vaccine. Please review the guidance provided by the CDC, the state and the county regarding venturing out, wearing of masks, physically distancing, shopping, use of pools and other common recreation assets and gatherings in order to continue to keep yourself and others safe so that we may all thrive.

Parking Update
At the March 17 meeting, the Stedwick Board of Directors heard feedback from a number of residents regarding the draft parking policy. The majority of the feedback indicated the draft policy was an overkill for a problem that seemed to affect specific neighborhoods within Stedwick. If implemented across Stedwick as written, the board felt it would have a negative impact on many of the residents and some of the neighborhoods. The board is currently working on a new draft policy that would not involve hang tags, but would provide an option for additional reserved parking. While all homeowners of Stedwick would be eligible, it would be an option and homeowners would not be required to take advantage of the option. The next step will be to review the revised draft at the Wednesday, May 19 board meeting.

April Board Meeting Update
The Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors met on April 21. In addition to the normal business items, considerable time was spent discussing the next steps for the parking policy given the resident feedback at the March meeting. The outcome has been summarized in the Parking Update section of this article.

Maintenance continues to be a top area of focus. The condition of sidewalks, walking paths, streets, asphalt parking spaces, lighting and landscaping within the responsibility of the Stedwick Homes Corporation continues to be reviewed and evaluated. Where approved and within reasonable cost, the items are fixed. In April, the board reviewed a proposal for a new walking path/walking paths in Club Hill. Due to the known cost, and a number of unknown additional costs, the proposal was not approved and the board deferred consideration until next year. The board also reviewed proposals to mill and resurface the roads in Clusters 1 (one proposal) and the remaining roads within The Ridges (a separate proposal).

Due to the cost of these proposals, the board wanted to give every board member a chance to go view the condition of the roads in these two areas and resume discussion at the May meeting. The board also reviewed a proposal for addressing an erosion problem on Seneca Spring Way. This was not voted on during the meeting as some of the board members requested input from other sources, such as RainScapes, to gain an understanding of potential options for resolving this erosion issue.

The board also received an update on various projects that are of interest to Stedwick such as the Lidl grocery store construction, progress on the Montgomery Village Center construction, plans for the next phase of what is currently Lakeforest Mall, the Bloom MV development and the opening of the 2021 Montgomery Village Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 5.

There are some reports of increased rodent and pest activity for those homes that border the old golf course area that may be a result of the construction. If you are experiencing such issues, please report your concerns to the Community Manager Karen Kodjanian at

Pepco Project Update
As part of Pepco’s Supply Line Improvement Plan for Montgomery County, 2.25 miles of distribution lines along the existing Pepco right-of-way between Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village continue being replaced, including sections on either side of Stedwick Drive. When completed, the project will benefit customers by providing increased protection to the distribution line, reduced response time for outages and increased reliability of the overall system.

Next Board Meeting
The next Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 19. The first few minutes of the meeting is residents time when residents can talk to the board members, express concerns, or otherwise make the board aware of needs and items of interest. We invite all residents to participate; instructions to obtain the virtual meeting connection information are available online at

Stedwick Signals: for residents of Club Hill, Clusters of Stedwick I, II, III, Forest Brooke, Frenchton Place, Ridges of Stedwick and The Heights

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